Simon Normanton  
Lighthouse Films   


   Lighthouse ProBono

Simon Normanton has made films of a wide variety of subjects and styles. 

A director-producer-cameraman, with HD and 4K cameras and sound kit, 

he has produced or worked on films that have been shown around the world 

After working for some years with the BBC 'Travel and Exploration Unit'

 I started Lighthouse Films in 1985

I have worked in, and continue to work in, many different countries.

LighthouSEAsia. We are now based in South East Asia, 

though also working and travelling in other countries;   

in 2018 in Kenya, India, Nepal, the Caribbean, and South America​

in 2019 in Colombia, the Galapagos, the Marquesas, the Tuamotos

and Tahiti.  As of October we are now back in South East Asia.

From December to April we will be in France.  We can always be contacted.



LighthouseProBono;  we will happily consider filming pressing issues; 

wildlife conservation or social, at no charge for our time or equipment.

LighthouseWild;  we have worked on major wildlife films such as

'Flying with Condors' and 'Running with Wolves';

have made an eight-part birds series, 'Wings' for C4 in the UK;

3 x 60 minutes on British Birds for Reader's Digest and various short films for the RSPB and others, including award-winning films on the reintroduction of the Corncrake and the Return of the Osprey.   

Simon Normanton       


Thailand, mobile and WhatsApp, +66 612537849

(UK +44 7850054590)







In films made you the viewer and I, or I in these and other adventures


have ridden the windblown pampas; leapt the night through with the Dinka,

arms high as the horns of cattle; 

soared with Condors above the Andes; run with wolves in the Rockies;  

sled-hauled to the North Pole; 

made pilgrimage to the temples of Badrinath, Kedarnath and Gangotri.

have attacked at dawn with the Gurkhas, artillery wispering overhead;

slept under a spray of stars with the Touareg, camels gurgling in the dark;

descended with the monks of Ganden to Lhosar in Lhasa;

debated with turbaned Afghans by lamplight beyond the Hindu Kush;

threaded up steamy rivers in the Amazon; 

passed through the dividing pardha at prayers in the Great Mosque of Isfahan;

descended the Niger to Timbuktu;

meditated on the Ghats of Benares;

dived to the Titanic; swum with 'mermaids';

have heard the moan of whales in the Sound; the howl of monkeys;

the cry of loons; the breath of wolves;

seen the Gaumukh calve;

found the Maya, the Lost Dragon, Gilbert White, the Coast Wolf; 

have been awed by the chant of the Rais as the sea turned red with blood; 

by the dread Ogungun as the night throbbed with drums;

by the roar of Harriers lifting above the canopy;

by the sweep of the Himalayas hanging above the clouds;

by the shimmering desert; by the tumbled sea ice; 

have hissed through snow tunnels in the slipstream of dogs;

dozed to the crackle of small arms in Holo;

surveyed with an Iranian general the flotsam of battles on the searing frontier;

looked down the barrel of a gun in Ixil.

have felt the tundra lift; the earth quake; the ice groan;

have seen ghost bears fish; tundra wolves white as ghosts;

the impress of angels in the snow;  sundogs glare;

the aurora ripple like jellyfish petticoats.

have acknowledged Chairman Mao; hushed in the presence of the Queen;

white-scarfed the Dalai Lama; laughed with the President;

idled the time away with Amazon and Altiplano Indians,

with hill tribes, with Rendille, Baluchi, Hunzakut, Inuit, Sioux, Lacondon, Wodaabe

have climbed the futtock shrouds; 

looked down from Kilimanjaro; up at Everest; across the Yangtze;

through The Hole in the Wall; into the the Lost Civilisation of Tibet.

have darted man-eaters in the African night;

whirred low through the bush to chainsaw rhino;

swayed on elephants; lolled in hammocks

sailed in the wake of the Pinta, of Mendana

and many adventures and emotions more.

This is work and play.



**I have worked and traveled in

Afghanistan, Argentina, Alaska, Algeria, the Azores, Abu Dhabi, Australia, Aruba, Brazil, Burma, Belize, Bulgaria, Bolivia, Borneo, China, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cape Verde, Denmark, Dubai, Egypt, Ecuador, Estonia, France, Finland, Galapagos, Germany, Greece, the Grenadines, Ghana, Greenland, Guatemala, Hungary, Holland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Latvia, Laos, Libya Lithuania, Mali, Mexico,  the Marquesas, Morocco, Malaysia, Malta, Niger, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Nepal, Norway, Oman, Portugal, Peru, Polynesia, Palestine, Poland, Panama, Philippines, Pakistan, Qatar, Romania, Rwanda, Russia, Sarawak, Sudan, Spain, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Syria, Sabah, St Lucia, Sweden, Tanzania, Thailand, Uruguay, USA, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe,  Zanzibar.

Many of these countries I have been in several or many times.

Simon Normanton  — Thailand October 2019